日光花恬(sunny garden)咖啡館,基地位於高雄市仁武區一間高爾夫球場裡,希望能以咖啡為介面,把戶外的花園美景與練習球場做出區隔,也應用開放式空間兩邊窗景的手法,模糊室內與室外界線讓花園綠意進入室內空間中,再空間享受一片自然,期待明年櫻花祭在開滿櫻花的樹下,享受一杯咖啡。
Sunny Garden Café, located at a golf club in Southern Taiwan (Kaohsiung City), is designed as an interface to separate the beauty of the outside garden from the golf course. Its interior design features not only an open space philosophy but also the application of the Borrowed scenery method, which successfully creates a natural and relaxed atmosphere in the indoor space. Looking forward to the next cherry blossom season, visitors can enjoy time spent drinking coffee under the garden's cherry tree.